May 6, 2020
I hope everyone is getting a chance to play in puddles!  There is a lot of chances with all this rain.  
Our sunflower plants seem to being doing well for the most part.  We have had 3 non-growing plants (started again), cat destruction, wild animal destruction, either too much water or not enough dying (3).  So a total of 8 out of 28 plant mishaps.  All are trying again.  keep me posted with pictures.  Keep tracking plant growth on your journal pages.  Don't forget the pictures on the back.

Report cards were emailed May 5, 2020.  Please let me know if you did not receive one or could not open it.

We continue to have great attendance.  Today 22/28 students were able to make all or part of the lesson.  I will be starting the small afternoon groups next week.  Look for your email invite for those Zoom School Meetings.  There will be no more than 7 students per group.

Kindergarten planning was sent home on 5/4 along with Field Day information.  I hope you all are trying the activities and recording your progress.
Wishing all of my students and their families well.  Keep up the great work.  I know it is a lot of effort and logistics are hard.  Your doing great.
Mrs. Coffey
il 24, 2020,
After our 3 Zoom School sessions this week, I think we are all getting the hang of it.  Please work with your child to be attentive, eyes on the camera, body up, body still and listening.  If possible, have a quiet background, no toys to play with and teach your child to unmute themselves when asked.  That will save us a lot of time.  See your emails for summary of lessons, recording links in case you miss a lesson and future Zoom School plans.

After deep diving in my storage room, I have found  my old wipe board, books, big books and more science stuff to teach with.  Combined with a web camera and getting better at the zoom format I think the lessons will get more interactive and enjoyable.  I hope you are are feeling that at home.  

If there is anything you think would help our online classroom be easier/closer/helpful, please let me know.  

If parents could reach out to students families that they do not see on line very often to see if they can do an online play date, that would be fantastic.

I am hoping to start small group zoom lessons soon.  If you do not want to participate in those, please let me know.  I will be making 4 groups of 7 children.

If you need a one on one zoom conference or phone call, please let me know.
My online "live" office hours are every Tuesday from 9:00 to 10:30 am.  However, I will be checking email many times a day and replying as soon as possible, but no later then 24 hours.

Be safe.  Be well.  Be hopeful we will be enjoying an outdoor BBQ picnic as soon as this is over!  
Miss you all and love,
Mrs. Coffey

April 15, 2020

We have a Weekly Virtual Learning plan posted in Files and Documents.  Please print out or check daily and try to follow and complete as much as possible.  
If you still do not have your Dream Box Number email me for it.

Looking forward to our Zoom school Plant Investigation, Show and Tell Time and School Routines!
See you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

April 13, 2020
Welcome back from Spring Break
Please check each area of website for updates to links, files, documents, homework.  
Please download Signal Hill teacher video under documents and files and watch with your child.  It takes about 4 minutes to download, but worth the wait.

If you missed 4/13 Zoom School:  we learned the word in The weather today is crazy.  We practiced writing: It is crazy today!  We had show and tell with Addison, Zaynah and Wyatt, with the guinea pig Vanessa, the Star Lord  and Rebecca the American Girl doll.  We read a book on why we have flowers and learned a little about nectar (flower juice) pollen traveling and making you sneeze and going in flowers to make seeds for plants to grow (The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller).
I then showed the students a  pot and seeds.  I will be delivering a small pot, seeds, soil.  The plant journal is on our class website in Homework/science for you to print and have ready.  If you cannot print it let me know and I will include it with your seeds and pot.  There are also other activities for you to look through and pick.

I have heard from one family that has a new address.  If your address is different then the one listed in the school records, please email me your new address!  
Please wait until the lesson to plant the seeds.
We will plant them together and start our plant journal.  Please have a spoon, journal,  and pencil ready for Wednesday's mornings lesson.  We will experiment with how our plants grow differently when they are in different places, but everything else is the same: pot, seeds, watering, soil.

Looking forward to Wednesday's Zoom School Meeting.  Please check your email for the invitation information or email if you cannot find it.
Mrs. Coffey

March 26, 2020

So it has only been 4 days and as this new learning reality sets in, we will find the positives together.  I am as sad as all of you that we cannot see, learn together, play together, and hug each other in person.   We will continue to find ways to celebrate each other successes and progress.  The county is working to give teachers more guidance in instructional areas.  

I have been practicing the Zoom interactive Chat feature all week and think I am ready to host.
I will be sending invitations for our first meeting on Friday.  I will email the invitations to you.  Please email me if you do not receive them.

I would like to start with a morning meeting 2X a week.  This first one will just be for exploring the feature, see each other and talk.  Other meetings we will have show and tell and read alouds.  Eventually, I will add afternoon meetings 2X a week.  This will give students an opportunity to check in with me and classmates at least once a week, if not more. 

I hope your child will be able to join either the morning option or the afternoon option or both.  Hope to see all their smiling faces soon!

Our kids definitely pick up on what we are feeling and it's hard not to feel stress right now.  Above all, love on them and help them feel secure in a time of insecurity.  I am thinking about them, worrying about them, and am planning on how best to help you take care of the academic pieces for the remainder of the school year. 

Stay healthy everyone.  
Love,  Mrs. Coffey

Please use Helpful Links tab for the county Distance Learning, reading, math and other free internet sites to help you with instruction.
Please use Files and Documents Tab for Curriculum Pacing Guides
Please use Homework Tab for popcorn words, (sight words) and other helpful activities as I find them.

Below are some suggestions that are meaningful and things that are simple to do that don't require technology.

READ- By far THE most important (academic) thing to do each day.  Read books for fun, read nonfiction books about things your child is interested in, start a chapter book together, read instructions, read recipes, bring a blanket outside and read under a tree, build a fort and read with a flashlight ...just read anything together.  Take the time and just be together.

Create- Create things with Legos, blocks, play dough, cardboard boxes, any materials you have around the house.  Make a leprechaun trap, build a boat for a book character, construct houses and buildings.  Let their imagination be BIG.  You will be amazed at what their minds will think up on their own.

PLAY-Play games, board games; such as Zingo, Chutes and Ladders, Guess Who, Bingo; and card games like Uno, concentration,  War, Spot It, Hearts.  Your child will have much fun playing these games while learning.

GO OUTSIDE- Go to your backyard, take a hike on a trail that is empty.  Be in nature together, talk about what you see, collect treasures like pine cones.  Take a "five senses walk" and look up at the clouds, notice the changes in seasons.  Take out the sidewalk chalk, count things you see  Being outside is such a wonderful booster for kids.

Talk to your child:  Just talk to your child without the interruptions of tvs, phones, tablets.  We are often so busy that it's hard to find time, good quality time, to talk to our kids. Time with us is what they really crave the most.