April 27-May 1
I will be going on maternity leave starting this Monday. There will be no Zoom meetings this week like I had scheduled, but I will continue posting the weekly lesson plans. However, I am really going to miss all of my students so I would like to reconnect as soon as I recover. I am hoping by mid-May we can begin to chat and learn on Zoom again! 

Please check your email for BP Jr and StarFall information. Also, take a look at the homework tab for this weeks virtual lesson plan. 

Thank you so much for all of your support!

April 20-24th
We had an awesome Zoom session sharing a show and tell item. I loved seeing some of the creative things the kids have been working on! I hope everyone had a chance to see the virtual lesson plan for this week under the homework tab. Also, please take a look at your email today where you can find an attachment to some really nice websites 
provided by the encore team. They are perfect to go along with our virtual lesson plans. Capstone Interactive, EyeDiscover, and Unite for Literacy all offer great selections of non-fiction books appropriate for young readers.
Hope you have a wonderful week and I will see everyone on Thursday!

April 13-17

I hope you had a lovely spring break staying safe and healthy with your family! Our meetings on Zoom will continue every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 AM. When you have the time, please check out the Homework tab on my class page. The kindergarten team created a virtual lesson plan for this week. The activities are completely optional, but we wanted to give you something to work on at home with your child. The lessons and sight word list will change weekly and I will post them on Mondays.

Also, please check out the list of sites that our librarian has provided. Give your child a BIG hug from me! 

Usernames and passwords are provided.

Username: signal              Password: pandas


Username: Princewmr        Password:county

Any Worldbook Online    (personal favorite😊)

Username: pwcschools       Password: research


Username: signal              Password: pandas

Eye Discover:

Username: signalhill          Password: kEaerEGo


If you have difficulty accessing any of the links please contact Ms Stavros at

The links to these and a bunch more are on the USEFUL LINKS part of the school library page (see link below).  Our classroom usual links are on the Catalog HOME page.

Besides these resource links, encore specialists have also added links for your child to use.  Please check the links on my web page.   The links are also provided here for your convenience.