Below you will find resources to review previously taught standards. There are many videos attached your children can watch to review and then they can practice the skill on IXL or below there are also some games linked for each standard. 

Our county math website for students to use at home: 
math at home
JLab Practice here you will find released math SOL questions that students can practice. Whey they click on Math 3, they will type in their name and their teacher's email. This is only practice. 
SOL Pass this is another online SOL math review. Pick Signal Hill Elem. and the password is signallhill. Then click be sure to click 3rd grade math.


Fractions as parts
Fractions on a number line
Mixed Numbers
Fractions Song
Fractions on a number line song
Fraction Splat game
Identify fraction game


Measurement Fun
ABCya! practice game

Place Value 
Place Value Intro
Expanded Form
Place Value Review
Study Jams Place Value Practice
Study Jams Expanded Form
Place Value Song

Language Arts

SOL Pass reading comprehension questions: SOL Pass
Raz - Kids: Student Login
Storyline Online is a great resource to listen to books Storyline Online
Scholastic learning at home click here


Next Generation science videos for all grade levels Science Videos
Great way to see meet animals and explore the science learning lab Smithsonian Fun
National Geographic fo Kids
Science Workbook Ecosystems Practice (click flash cards, learn, and tests to practice terms we covered in our workbooks)
Science Workbook Adaptations 
(click flash cards, learn, and tests to practice terms we covered in our workbooks)

Social Studies

Ancient Greece Practice and Review 
Ancient Rome Practice and Review