Mardi gras (Shrove or Fat Tuesday)!

Mardi gras was on Tuesday, February 25!  In New Orleans, where some of the French explorers settled many years ago, mardi gras is a great time for parades and masks and beads and costumes! For me, I remember fondly my 'maman' cooking crêpes for us for dinner! Crêpes are of course a very popular French dessert  (think very thin pancakes) filled with all sorts of delicious fillings such as strawberries and cream or chocolate. For mardi gras though, my maman would cook savory paper-thin pancakes filled with ham & cheese or chicken and mushrooms. These were amazing but the best ones were the dessert crêpes: they were sprinkled with powdered sugar and a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice and then rolled up! Magnifique (magnificent)!
If you would like to make crêpes, just look on the left side of this page for the menu and click on Files and Documents.  Then click on the Recipes folder and on the Crepe recipe document.  If you download the document, you can then also print the recipe to keep with your own!  
Students should not try to do this on their own; an adult should be around to help and/or supervise!


Yum yum crepes >


Bonjour!  I am SO happy that you are on our French Classroom Page!  I hope you will check out some of the useful links on the left side of the screen.  Since we are not together in my classroom, I hope these links can help you practice your current knowledge of French at home, as well as learn even more French on your own!  I am also planning on adding some more French recipes to my Files & Documents links on the left (just go to Recipes folder), but please remember that when you prepare these recipes, you should always be supervised by an adult!  In order to see you on screen, I am going to ask some of my fellow Signal Hill Elementary teachers whether I can join in your ZOOM meetings!  I miss YOU!  By the way, I hope you are still doing Mindful Breathing and Growth Mindset at home!


Links to my Flipgrid page:

I have created several different topics on my Flipgrid page for my students to review what we have learned in French this year.  To start off with, all the different topics I have added to my grid are geared for all my students in Grades 1-5!  As we proceed further with our review, I will create grids for each grade level, as necessary, since they learned different content.
By the way, the words that we review orally during the mini lessons or in my flipgrid videos are either written on the description of each flip video and/or you will find a document for them in my Files and Documents section on the left side of my class page!

French Flipgrid Ballvé



Can an exhibition take place in a shoebox? In a museum? In a window? Of course! Anything’s possible. 

Children, families and art-lovers of all ages are invited to add color and joy to the world as part of “The ideal exhibition with Hervé Tullet.”

Created in 2018 by Hervé Tullet and Tobo Studio, the Ideal Exhibition is a project in which the acclaimed children’s book author and artist, shares his inspirations, reflections, creative process, and advice for budding artists to create their own exhibitions at home. Since its inception, the project has inspired a multitude of exhibitions of all sizes throughout the world, from Los Angeles to France, Italy, Switzerland, and beyond. 

We are happy to invite you to participate in Art in my Window: An Ideal Exhibition at home with Hervé Tullet, a series of online events designed to guide all generations create a virtual collective museum during the confinement. Together, let’s build a collective museum and create artworks to display in your windows for our neighbors to see and enjoy ! 

These events have been developed in partnership with Herve Tullet, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Bayam and La Petite Ecole NY . 

The highlight will be a live online flower workshop lead by Hervé Tullet on Saturday, April 25 at 11:30am.  PLEASE SEE LINK BELOW! 

-       Mornings workshops with La Petite École New York

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 am EST, join La Petite Ecole New York  facebook page for a creative workshop for children to create large works of art together to decorate their windows and shine some color onto our world. Themes and dates are as listed below for next week, more information here.

 Tuesday April 21: “Drawing Factory/ Trash workshop” Wednesday April 22: “Totems” Thursday April 23 : "Mosaique/ Windows/ Taches”


-       “Bored Dom Dom Dom” – Hervé Tullet’s ‘stuck at home’ mini-series 

This will make you smile, give you ideas and inspire you to take on art in a new and relaxed way. 

A daily meet-up not to be missed beginning on April 14 at 3 pm on Herve Tullet's Facebook page 


-       The Giant Flower Workshop  Live online Giant Flower workshop led by Hervé Tullet

On April 25 at 11:30 am EST, Hervé Tullet, in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and La Petite Ecole New York, will host a live workshop to create giant flowers. The live will then be re-shown for three days on the Bayam site, April 25-April 27.

 Get your materials ready! 

-       Paper: set up a big piece of paper on the floor or on a wall, or keep a  stack of papers close by to use throughout the workshop

-       Paint or markers: Hervé’s favorite colors are blue, red and yellow. Feel free to add whatever colors you like best.


 Post your artwork on Instagram with hashtag #artinmywindow and tag @expo_ideale_herve_tullet, @lapetiteecolenyc, and @frenchcultureus @bayam_fr for a chance to have it shared! 

I would LOVE to post your masterpiece Giant Flowers on my Classroom Page!  I have experienced problems posting some art work created by one of our students, Abigail, which she created during a French art workshop she attended a couple of weeks ago.  I am still trying to fix this!  Parents, please free to email me a picture of what your child has created and I will try to post but please know that I won't be able to identify with last names.  Please email me at:
More importantly, I hope you'll hang your childrens' giant flow
ers in your windows (that could be a cool photo too!) so your neighbors can see and appreciate during our isolation at home!